Brazil Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Alta Vista

Brazil Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Alta Vista

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Species: arabica
Region: Cristina, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1016-1290m
Crop year: 2020/ 2021
Variety: yellow bourbon
Processing: semi-washed
Cupping score: 83.75
Flavour notes: red berries, cherry, tangerine, chocolate



Minas Gerais is one of the most economically developed and dense populated states in Brazil. Different types of food cultures are grown here. Moreover, gold and diamond mines can also be found here.


Yellow bourbon is grown in Alta Vista coffee farm which is located in the Cristina region.


The farm's history begins in 2001. The first crop was harvested in 2004. 3 years later the farm owner Robson Vilela sent samples from his first complete coffee harvest to the annual competition called Cup of Excellence where he took the 7th place. He spent several years improving his production quality. In 2011 Vilela took part in the competition again and this time passed to the final stage.


The beans are processed in a semi-washed method which is also called giling basah (the Sumatran processing method) or wet hulled.