Burundi Muyinga

Burundi Muyinga

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Species: arabica
Region: Muyinga
Altitude: 1549m
Crop year: 2021/ 2022
Variety: bourbon
Processing: washed
Cupping score: 84.5
Flavour notes: cherry, grapefruit, floral


This coffee came to us from Muyinga Province, Burundi, a small and densely populated country bordering Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. Coffee production started here in the beginning of 1930s when Belgian people brought the first coffee trees there.


In 2008 Burundi opened its doors to specialty coffee buyers through market regulation liberalisation. This helped farmers become more organised and create small cooperatives which are directly connected to washing stations. This gives the opportunity to produce small lots with full traceability and certain flavour profiles. 


Burundi produces mainly arabica coffee (± 96%). Though earlier the semi-washed processing method was mostly used there, after 2018 the tendency changed and now the main method is the fully washed processing which is a better way in terms of quality.

Kigoganya is the washing station where these beans are being processed. It serves 263 local farmers and is equipped with 200 African drying beds.