Ethiopia West Arsi Bale Mountain Gr.1

Ethiopia West Arsi Bale Mountain Gr.1

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Species: arabica
Region: Nensebo District, West Arsi Zone
Altitude: 1800-2100m
Crop year: 2022/ 2023
Variety: local cultivars
Processing: natural
Cupping score: 86
Flavour notes: bergamot, blueberry, black tea, cocoa


This coffee comes from Bale Mountain farm that belongs to Kerchanshe Trading which sources coffee from 9 different regions of Ethiopia - Sidamo, Guji, Yirgacheffe, Limmu, Bale, Harari, Djimma, Nekemte, Kaffa. The company exports African arabica for already 15 years.


Surrounded by forests and two rivers, Bale Mountain Farm is located in the West Arsi Zone, Nensebo Woreda, near the river of the same name and the Bale National Park. Rare animal species inhabit the park: the mountain nyala and the red fox are endemics, found only here.


The soils here are rich in nutrients thanks to the decomposition of leaves and plants. Local varieties of coffee grow on the farm - they are well adapted to the local environmental conditions.


The farm is considered to produce eco-friendly and sustainable coffee. There are many trees grown in the plantation for shading coffee trees.