Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gr.1 Gelana Gesha

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gr.1 Gelana Gesha

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Species: arabica
Region: Gelana, Oromia
Altitude: 1400-1800m
Crop year: 2020/ 2021
Variety: gesha
Processing: washed
Cupping score: 85.75
Flavour notes: bergamot, lime, flowers, black tea


This coffee comes from a private farm of Israel Degfa called Gelana Gesha. He also owns 26 processing stations in south and south-west of Ethiopia.

Yirgacheffe is the closest town to the farm. Gelana Gesha belongs to Kerchanshe Trading which sources coffee from 9 different regions of Ethiopia - Sidamo, Guji, Yirgacheffe, Limmu, Bale, Harari, Djimma, Nekemte, Kaffa.

The farm size is 750 hectares. It’s covering 1.5 hectares of coffee cultivation under the Greenhouse technique. In this greenhouse, every agronomic practice is computer controlled using smart techniques. This is to guarantee uniform growth for our coffee seedlings.

Israel’s processing stations are not only well located but also he invests a lot of resources for their development and thus raises the quality of the produced coffee.

Big teams are working in the stations who sort the coffee by quality and remove the defects. Before shipment coffee samples are taken to the local laboratory to be analysed and after to be given grades.