Kenya Chorongi AB

Kenya Chorongi AB

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Species: arabica
Region: Mukaro, Nyeri County
Altitude: 1675m
Crop year: 2020/ 2021
Variety: SL34, ruiru-11, SL28, batian
Processing: washed
Cupping score: 86
Flavour notes: citrus, raspberry, floral, black tea


Chorongi processing station is located at Nyeri County, east of Aberdare Range. It serves 500 active farms.

Coffee trees in these farms grow under the shade of eucalyptus, macadamia and grevilea trees. Very often corn and banana trees are planted together with coffee trees. Soil here is red (rich in iron) volcanic.

Ripe cherries are handpicked and sent to the washing station the same day. Workers in the station sort the cherries by hand once again.

Water used for washing the cherries in Chorongi wet processing station is recirculated and sent to the soil again.

At first the coffee cherries are being depulped and then fermented during the night. Then the cherries covered with parchment are washed and then left in clean water for several hours.


The next stage is the drying stage. The beans are evenly spread on African drying beds. Depending on the weather conditions the beans are left for 7 to 15 days. During this drying phase the beans are hand sorted and the defects are removed.