Kenya Gichathaini PB

Kenya Gichathaini PB

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Kenya Gichathaini PB
Species: arabica
Region: Mathira, Nyeri County
Altitude: 1600-1900m
Crop year: 2019/2020
Variety: SL28, SL34, ruiru 11, batian
Processing: washed
Cupping score: 87.5
Flavour notes: apple, raspberry, caramel


PB (peaberry) is a single rounder coffee bean that grows instead of two inside the coffee cherry.

This coffee is grown in Central Highlands in Kenya at elevations from 1600m to 1900m above sea level.

Red volcanic soils are dominating in this region. Coffee here is grown in the shadows of eucalyptus and macadamia. Corn and banana trees are often planted with the coffee trees.

Ripe coffee cherries are picked by hand and taken to the Gichathaini washing station the same day. The beans are sorted here once again by the station workers.

For quality improvement and increase in output farmers here are regularly getting trained. They have access to a variety of educational resources.