Fast And Delicious Coffee With AeroPress

If you love drinking coffee but don’t have much time, but it’s important for you to drink a fresh and tasty coffee then you definitely need an AeroPress. This mechanical coffee machine will make a smooth and balanced cup without any sharp acidity or bitterness. It’s easy to clean, lightweight, affordable and can be used in any environment. Whether it’s in the kitchen in the morning, the workplace or even when travelling we always take it with us.

Aeropress uses hand pressure to force the water through the coffee grounds passing through a paper filter. The use of a paper filter will give you a cleaner cup. It’s also really flexible, allowing you to achieve various levels of strength and size of your coffee cup.

We’re sharing our preferred recipe which will make you about 200ml of medium strength filtered coffee. We’ll use the inverted method which will give us a more equal extraction process.



  • 18-20g (about 1.5 Aeropress measuring spoon) of coffee ground for an AeroPress (a bit finer than the sea salt)
  • 240ml of boiled water


Preparation method

  • Place the paper filter into the filter cap and pour it with hot water. We do this to avoid any papery flavours in our cup and of course to preheat the server.


  • Assemble the chamber and the plunger and turn the machine upside down so that the chamber is on top.
  • Pour the coffee grounds into the chamber, shake it to flatten the coffee bed, pour 2 times more water than the grounds (about 40ml). The water temperature should be about 93°C.


  • Stir it several times and make sure all the coffee grounds are wet thoroughly and evenly. Wait for about 20 seconds.
  • Then add the rest of the water - about 200ml which will fill the chamber up to the end. Pour it as evenly as possible and with a thin water flow.
  • Assemble the filter cap and wait for 1 minute.


  • Turn the Aeropress upside down carefully and place it on the preheated server or a cup.
  • Start pressing the plunger gently.


  • Stop pressing after you hear the hissing sound cause the last drops will add an over extracted bitterness to your coffee.
  • If the pressing feels very tight and difficult it means the grind is too fine. And if you press the plunger with no resistance then the grind is too coarse.
  • Unscrew the filter cap and push the plunger up to the end to dump the coffee bed and the filter.

Enjoy :)