Indonesia Sumatra Gayo Belangi Gr.1

Indonesia Sumatra Gayo Belangi Gr.1

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Species: arabica
Region: Bener Meriah
Altitude: 1250-1450m
Crop year: 2021/ 2022
Variety: typica, gayo super
Processing: giling basah
Cupping score: 83.75
Flavour notes: dried plums, berries, chocolate


Coffee growing in Indonesia has a 300 years of history. Today Indonesia is the 4th largest country in coffee production volumes. Almost 92% of country's production is owned by small farmers who are using traditional processing techniques.


Coffee from this region is mostly called Gayo named after Gayo people who are an ethnic group living in the northern part of Sumatra Island. Small landowners who produce this coffee are located in Bener Meriah region which is located in the central part of Aceh Province.


Sumatran coffee beans can be visually distinguished from the coffees that come from other regions. They have a darker colour: dark green, bluish dark green. This is because of the processing method called Giling Basah (or wet hulled) which is specific to the country. This method gives woody-spicy flavours to the Sumatran coffee beans.